Ask Vibgyor Pune Bags to help you choose a bag

Apart from adding oomph to your otherwise drab outfit, bags on a whole provide many utility functions to the user. For women, it is often said that they carry their entire world in their bags! Is it thus any surprise when you see the number of bags that are available in the market?! Each bag has its own unique feature and function; but how do you decide which one to buy or which one would best solve your needs? Vibgyor Pune is here to help you navigate this web.

If you need to carry a lot of things, like when you are going to office, a handbag is the best choice for you. It is roomy and big and can carry that lunchbox and umbrella! If you are travelling, or have to carry a laptop, a backpack would be better. Vibgyor Pune recommends backpacks over other laptop bags for lessening the pressure on your back.

When headed for a party, you cannot carry a handbag or a backpack, now can you? Vibgyor Pune suggests a clutch. They come in different shapes and sizes right from rectangles to hearts to clutches in the shape of lips! You get a bedazzled range or plain ones or ones in flashy, fluorescent colours. Choose what enhances your outfit the best and you are ready to party.
For a fun night with friends, Vibgyor Pune recommends sling bags or tote bags. They come in irreverent styles, colours, designs and sizes. They will add a fun, carefree element to your outfit and at the same time, will have enough space to carry the essentials.

Now that you know the functions of each, how about you buy one of each! After all, a woman cannot have enough bags, now can she?


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