It’s raining bags at Vibgyor Pune!

Fashion – whether you are old or young, a man or a woman, everyone is affected by fashion. You may say you don’t care about what you wear but like Miranda Priestly says in The Devil Wears Prada, even deciding you are going to wear a shirt and pant constitutes fashion. Vibgyor Pune helps you stay on top of all your fashion needs, ensuring you are kept updated about all the latest fashion trends.

Now let’s talk about bags. Apart from their tremendous utility and decorative value, bags can fit your whole world in an easy-to-reach place; a place which can be made as efficient or as messy as possible! Vibgyor Pune understands all of this and thus, we present to you, our new Autumn-Winter collection of bags.

Vibgyor Pune does not believe in following fashion trends blindly. But we do understand the need to stay current and relevant, not only in the industry but also in the minds of our discerning customer. Thus, like always, we select the trends we love the best and translate those trends into bags so that you can stay trendy, even without having to break your bank.

One of the trends we absolutely adored was patchwork. We thought we could use this on bags with lovely outcomes. Using matching and mismatching patchworks, Vibgyor Pune presents to you its chic yet bohemian bag collection. There are understated, embellished pieces for the evenings and totes for an afternoon shopping spree. Team them with flowing skirts, or add a dash of the unconventional to that office attire. For the colour freaks, we have bold colour combinations of reds, blues and greens and for those who prefer demure; we have soft beiges, maroons and blacks.

So try out Vibgyor Pune’s latest offerings and get envious looks every time you step out!


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