Vibgyor Pune Bag launches its Online Portal

After a lot of hard work and thought, Vibgyor Pune Bags launches its online portal of bag catalogues. For the uber chic and the fashionista, for the college going tomboy, for the party-goer, there is something to appeal to everyone’s sensibilities.
Vibgyor Pune Bags was launched keeping one thing in mind – to provide quality bags for the discerning customer. With their ever increasing catalogues of the hottest pieces, they are here to provide usable grooming tips so that all the customers can become their fashion stylists and cultivate their unique brand of being a fashion icon, whether in the corporate world, in a party or in college.

Vibgyor Pune Bags was started with the vision and under the supervision of Mrs. Nagarwalla, an avant-garde goddess herself. When asked of her association with Vibgyor Pune Bags, she said, “The idea behind starting this movement is to expose the average city-dweller to what is in vogue on the international arena; but at costs which they can afford. Travellers who have been exposed to the fashion world by virtue of their travelling, particularly, will find this feature invaluable.”

The USP of Vibgyor Pune Bags is their commitment to stay relevant and current with all international fashion trends and using them in their collections. Fashion designers, who are on-trend, all time, have been brought onboard to not only comb through the trending fashion but also provide the most appropriate translations into bags. Their sole job is to provide a bag which looks like it is fresh off the runaway.

When asked what motivated Mrs. Nagarwalla to associate with Vibgyor Pune Bags, prompt was her reply, “I love their vision ad what they are offering. Not many people think of translating runway fashion trends into bags. In fact, in my personal opinion, bags have been the most neglected form of fashion. Not many understand the significance of a well matched outfit.”

As a tribute to this, Vibgyor Pune Bags also has a blog section where they impart tips and best practices on what to buy and how to dress up or dress down an outfit, as the case may be.


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