Happy New Year from Vibgyor Pune Bags

We hope everyone has received all their orders from Vibgyor Pune Bags that they so lovingly placed with us on the occasion of Christmas. We hope everyone enjoyed the gifts and had some good food with some excellent wine and plum cake.
It is 2 days to the New Year and Vibgyor Pune Bags is sure all our patrons are busy making their to-do lists to get the New Year eve party organized. Some of you might be busy making resolutions for the year 2016. Although, we sincerely hope none of you are making “do less shopping” as one of your resolutions! Jokes aside, you do not want to miss out on our new range of products, especially handcrafted for the pleasures of our discerning fans.
But before we bid adieu to 2015, Vibgyor Pune Bags would like to take this opportunity to thank all its suppliers and creditors for their ongoing support and partnerships with us. Our precious brands of designers who are scouring the net even as we speak to ensure you get the perfect handbag to go with that perfect Gucci outfit – thank you designers for your mindboggling creativity and zest for life. Vibgyor Pune Bags wouldn’t be what it is without your unique brand of styling and eye for detail. We would also like to extend a thank you to all our employees for doing everything they can to get the brand to reach newer heights.
Last but not the least, dear, dear customer, thank you for always showering Vibgyor Pune Bags with your trust and taste; we know there are many options available in the market but what truly makes us great is your goodwill and continued purchases. We have always believed in delighting our customers and it pleases us that we have been able to do that.
Vibgyor Pune Bags wishes everyone a very happy new year. May all your dreams and wishes come true; may you have the strength and wisdom to work through life’s ups and downs. Have a great celebration and stay safe.


This Christmas, let your gifts come from Vibgyor Pune Bags

December is upon us and so is the difficult task of buying gifts for Christmas. What can you buy your Secret Santa colleague that is unique, is of the holiday spirit and also affordable? There are too many choices; so you decide to wait for last minute panic and inspiration to do what you know you should have done at least 2 weeks back!

Sounds familiar, no? Well don’t fret when Vibgyor Pune bags is here to make this Secret Santa shopping easy for you. While there may be many irreverent gift choices available in the market, you can never go wrong with a beautiful leather bag for your colleague. And the best part of gifting a bag; it is gender neutral!

On the occasion of Christmas, Vibgyor Pune is proud to launch its new leather collection that will work as perfect gifts in any situation – be it social, official, for a family member or yourself! Unlike others claims, our bags are made of 100% genuine leather that is soft, chic and comes in a variety of colours that no other leather bag company can boast of.

There are different styles and types and sizes of bags available at Vibgyor Pune, waiting for you to peruse them and then choose one which uniquely satisfies that which you are looking for. There are totes and sling bags for the women, beautifully handcrafted briefcases for men, colourful wallets for the young and other leather accessories like belts, bracelets, hair accessories, etc. to choose from.

Why should you choose Vibgyor Pune? Well not only are our goods made of the best materials, the designs chosen have been painstakingly researched to reflect the best of the fashion gurus from across the globe. We are on the forefront of bringing to you runway fashion in a commercial setting that is at once grand and inexpensive.

This Christmas, look no further than Vibgyor Pune Bags. We are here to serve you with our latest in style and colour.