A starter course in creating an online presence with Vibgyor Yelahanka Band

As promised, Vibgyor Yelahanka Band brings to you another blog on how to ensure your music career doesn’t bite the dust before it has even had a chance to soar. If you have been following this series, in the one before we signed off for the New Year, we had covered in brief how to create your online presence and its importance. In this blog, we take the same lesson forward.

For any brand, success means sales and loyalty of customers. Sales can occur if your product is unique enough or there are no substitutes but loyalty comes from interactions. Because of social media, it is easier to engage with your audiences, create visibility for yourself, share your content and basically put a face to the brand. At the end of the day, customers are people and they connect to that face and the emotions it elicits and not the brand.

There is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which you need to worry about. After much trial and error, Vibgyor Yelahanka Band realized Facebook and Instagram worked best for the brand page. Do your own trial and error before deciding what platforms you want to keep. If you don’t have someone who can do the regular posting and updating, having one well updated page (Facebook) is better than having 3 pages with haphazard information. Your fans will appreciate the homogeneity and you should strive to maintain.

YouTube is a no-brainer. Being a music band, you need to have a channel. It is a good idea to source videos from fans but those would be poor in quality. Don’t forget to take some good quality videos of your music to further entice your fans. Vibgyor Yelahanka Band keeps posting not only the finished music videos but also behind the scenes, videos with just vocals, etc.

You may or may not want a website. Vibgyor Yelahanka Band feels you should start with social media first before you get a website created. Websites are another ballgame and we shall discuss them in the next post. Until then, keep strumming that guitar. Adios amigos from Vibgyor Yelahanka Band.



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