Donation drive with Vibgyor Pune Bags

Giving is an incredible feeling – especially when you can see the look on a person’s face when they open the gift you have painstakingly purchased for them. That look makes the whole experience of giving and gifting worth it. It makes you feel on top of the world because you made someone else feel on top of the world. There are few feelings that come close to it.

Vibgyor Pune Bags understands this and wants to be a part of the giving process. Valentine’s Day may be over but there is no time such as now to spread the love! To this effect Vibgyor Pune Bags has come up with a unique donation drive to spread the gratitude and the love.

All of us have bags which we have used many times but now don’t want to use them. Instead of throwing them in the garbage, Vibgyor Pune Bags invites all of you to send in your used bags to us. We will recycle and reuse the materials obtained from the bags you have sent and make them better, designer bags which we will then sell at one of our exhibitions.

All sales proceeds from this recycled line of handcrafted hand bags will go to helping the rehabilitation of street children. Vibgyor Pune Bags is also using its past season bags which haven’t been sold in this donation drive. We are really excited about this opportunity to give back to people when you, our customers, have given us so much love and support.

Many regular customers of Vibgyor Pune Bags have already sent in their bags and may we say how proud we are that you have taken this step towards making our drive successful? We have always said this and we say it again, we are where we are only because of our dear customers.

We hope to see more of you joining Vibgyor Pune Bags’ donation drive with sending us your used bags and buying the handcrafted line of recycled bags to help those in need. Together, we can!


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