Vibgyor Pune Bags – Spring is here!

Vibgyor Pune Bags is here again with a new set of collection of bags for you.  Handbags are a woman’s most loyal friends.  From the most alluring to the simple – in an array of styles; Vibgyor Pune brings you a variety of choices this season.

There is a wide range of different styles of bags to choose from, and you must first identify what style you find the most comfortable for use. Since the colour palette is bright this season, Vibgyor Pune recommends you to use a sling bag. It is an ideal bag to transfer from summer to winter. It gives a variety of sizes and is lightweight without looking too summer casual.

Vibgyor Pune suggests that a cross-body bag is a must-have because it is amazingly comfortable. It has endless possibilities of hands- free shopping, coffee down the street or train commuting.

For those looking for office bags, Vibgyor Pune recommends them to use a medium sized bag which can be easily paired with a dress or jeans.  Vibgyor Pune suggests you can use it to carry your laptops and other files. These can easily be dressed up with a pair of high heels or a pair of flats. Trends for bags come and go, yet the classic shapes of handbags always stay.  Get the most classic colours in it and you would never have to worry your bag doesn’t match your look.

Now even a mobile accessory requires more than a cover. Vibgyor Pune suggests alluring clutches or small pouch like covers with huge handles.

A brunch bag for those who would like to go out for a couple of hours and really do not need to carry that entire extra handbag. The most easy- going and something that’s casual is what Vibgyor Pune likes and approves!

A bag is an important accessory of every woman’s daily life and outfit. It needs to look stylish and feel comfortable and offer versatility. Vibgyor Pune suggests a wide range of options for those looking  to take a bag from summer to winter.


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