Gear up – Summer style.

VIBGYOR Pune bags is not just about style, it’s about the right symbiosis between style and season, and when its summertime, it’s all about colours.

A bright new variant of our special collection, ‘Shades of Summer’, brings together VIBGYOR Pune bags’ special out of the box designs and vibrant summer colours. Don a little yellow and orange or magenta with sharp black outlines and watch as eyes turn towards you this summer.

Beach bags run out like hotcakes during this season and VIBGYOR Pune bags would never deprive our patronage with this opportunity. Splash and swim your way through the ocean this summer to beat the heat and carry your belongings in our jaw-dropping beach bag collection.

VIBGYOR Pune beach bags are on a league of their own with eye-catching designs that is sure to grab attention and perfect for short trips to beaches where you don’t want to burden yourself with essentials.

And that’s not all. VIBGYOR Pune bags have come out with a wide range of clutches and purses along with the bag collection. Bring colourful clutches from VIBGYOR Pune bags go hand in glove with the bag collection and is a perfect complement to your summer styling options.

So what are you waiting for? Come over to VIBGYOR Pune bags and experience the joys of summer-time colours with our new vibrant range of bags and clutches. After all, if you’re a fan of bags, why treat this summer any different? Witness bursts of colourful joy this summer only at VIBGYOR Pune bags.


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