Vibgyor Pune Bags collection – this Monsoon

Vibgyor Pune is back again with a new collection of bags this monsoon.  Since monsoon is here, we all need to be very careful in choosing the correct bags. With a wide range of collection Vibgyor Pune Bags is here to offer you a huge variety of choices.

Before you look forward to buy bags for yourself this monsoon, it is important for you to decide what kind of bags you have been looking for.

For those going to office, Vibgyor Pune suggests a document holder bag which would help you keep all your documents safe. As we all carry important documents every second or the third day to office and losing these documents in rains would not be less than any nightmare. That’s why; Vibgyor Pune offers you a document holder bag which is water resistant and a savior for you.

Vibgyor Pune suggests printed colored bags for those who are looking for bags on a regular purpose. This suits all types of clothing and is very comfortable while travelling. It gives you a classy look

Vibgyor Pune offers duffel bags for all the travel lovers who love to travel and enjoy unplanned trips.  Most of us would love to go out for holidays during monsoon and you can make the best use of a water resistant duffel bag which equally gives you a stylish look.

You need a proper cover to protect your phone during rains, for which Vibgyor Pune offers you small pouches.

Above mentioned were a variety of collection Vibgyor Pune has bought in for you and feel is necessary for your use this monsoon.  So what are you waiting for? Get the most stylish bag for yourself this monsoon and make the best use of it as using the right bag in this season is very important.


Monsoon enfleurage at VIBGYOR Pune Bags

Yes, it’s our favourite time of the year again and this season, like every other, brings in a different kind of nostalgia. If you think about it, bags have always been a part of monsoons since one could recollect. Remember plastic wrapping your bags back when you were kids to save your precious textbooks or the bulging backs of tiny schoolchildren hiding their schoolbags under their raincoat? When we reached our classrooms, do you recollect that moment when you say small prayer in your head before opening your bag’s zipper, hoping everything inside is safe and dry?

VIBGYOR Pune bags brings you a whole new range of handbags and clutches this monsoon and this time, not only do they come with stunning new looks but also great new features to help you ease through this monsoon. What’s so special you ask? Well VIBGYOR Pune bags, this season, comes with a hydrophobic coat which does not let water stick on to the bag thus keeping its contents safe from getting drenched. Besides that, VIBGYOR Pune bag’s ‘Storm’ edition comes with a separate compartment for compact umbrellas which is a widely preferred choice during the monsoons. The compartment is concealed under the bag so that the minimalistic design is not compromised.

Electronics deserve maximum attention during this season and any kind of compromise is a potential loss which is generally what people are most scared of. VIBGYOR Pune bags come with a separate compartment inside with silica crystal lining ensures that moisture is never a problem during this season.

Besides handbags, VIBGYOR Pune bags are also introducing their new line of clutches playfully named ‘Cloud’ collection that comes with the same silica protected compartment inside and the water repellent coating outside. The range of designs is enough to put you in a fit and it’s only fitting to go through every design this monsoon.

So head over to VIBGYOR Pune bags and get ready to be mesmerised by our monsoon collection this June!