A new collection of Vibgyor Pune Bags this Friendship’s Day

Since Friendship Day is just round the corner, Vibgyor Pune Bags is back again with a new set of collection of bags for you. Make this friendship day even more special by gifting a bag to your friend.

Before you look forward to buy bags for your friends it is important for you to know what kind of bags you wish to gift your friends.

Vibgyor Pune offers you a black and white printed bag which can be used for regular purpose. It suits the best for your friend who loves simple bags. A simple yet cute without being tacky, this can withstand a decent shower.

We all have that one friend who loves bags that are spacious enough so they can carry their extra belongings. Vibgyor Pune brings you an opulent bag in which you can put your wallet, phone, umbrella, lunchbox, and whatnot. A water resistant and light weight enough bag to carry, what more can you ask for?

Vibgyor Pune suggests a printed PVC sling bag which is totally cool and trendy to carry to work or party. The classy black sling PVC bag will drive away the monsoon blues in no time.

With small pouch inside, this striped colored transparent bag plays a peek-a-boo like pro. Vibgyor Pune offers you the perfect bag which helps you protect your stuff and also looks stylish, don’t you think so?

For those thinking what kind of bag can be given to a friend who’s a complete fitness freak, Vibgyor Pune offers you a duffel bag which can suit anyone’s personality. A duffel bag can be used while going to gym which is so trendy and can be carried either cross- body or shoulder style.  Besides gym, it can also be used as weekender bag too.

The best part about these bags is that you can get it customized! So what are you waiting for? Get the best bags and celebrate Friendship’s Day by gifting a bag to your friend and make your friendship even more special.


Monsoon enfleurage at VIBGYOR Pune Bags

Yes, it’s our favourite time of the year again and this season, like every other, brings in a different kind of nostalgia. If you think about it, bags have always been a part of monsoons since one could recollect. Remember plastic wrapping your bags back when you were kids to save your precious textbooks or the bulging backs of tiny schoolchildren hiding their schoolbags under their raincoat? When we reached our classrooms, do you recollect that moment when you say small prayer in your head before opening your bag’s zipper, hoping everything inside is safe and dry?

VIBGYOR Pune bags brings you a whole new range of handbags and clutches this monsoon and this time, not only do they come with stunning new looks but also great new features to help you ease through this monsoon. What’s so special you ask? Well VIBGYOR Pune bags, this season, comes with a hydrophobic coat which does not let water stick on to the bag thus keeping its contents safe from getting drenched. Besides that, VIBGYOR Pune bag’s ‘Storm’ edition comes with a separate compartment for compact umbrellas which is a widely preferred choice during the monsoons. The compartment is concealed under the bag so that the minimalistic design is not compromised.

Electronics deserve maximum attention during this season and any kind of compromise is a potential loss which is generally what people are most scared of. VIBGYOR Pune bags come with a separate compartment inside with silica crystal lining ensures that moisture is never a problem during this season.

Besides handbags, VIBGYOR Pune bags are also introducing their new line of clutches playfully named ‘Cloud’ collection that comes with the same silica protected compartment inside and the water repellent coating outside. The range of designs is enough to put you in a fit and it’s only fitting to go through every design this monsoon.

So head over to VIBGYOR Pune bags and get ready to be mesmerised by our monsoon collection this June!

Vibgyor Pune Bags – Spring is here!

Vibgyor Pune Bags is here again with a new set of collection of bags for you.  Handbags are a woman’s most loyal friends.  From the most alluring to the simple – in an array of styles; Vibgyor Pune brings you a variety of choices this season.

There is a wide range of different styles of bags to choose from, and you must first identify what style you find the most comfortable for use. Since the colour palette is bright this season, Vibgyor Pune recommends you to use a sling bag. It is an ideal bag to transfer from summer to winter. It gives a variety of sizes and is lightweight without looking too summer casual.

Vibgyor Pune suggests that a cross-body bag is a must-have because it is amazingly comfortable. It has endless possibilities of hands- free shopping, coffee down the street or train commuting.

For those looking for office bags, Vibgyor Pune recommends them to use a medium sized bag which can be easily paired with a dress or jeans.  Vibgyor Pune suggests you can use it to carry your laptops and other files. These can easily be dressed up with a pair of high heels or a pair of flats. Trends for bags come and go, yet the classic shapes of handbags always stay.  Get the most classic colours in it and you would never have to worry your bag doesn’t match your look.

Now even a mobile accessory requires more than a cover. Vibgyor Pune suggests alluring clutches or small pouch like covers with huge handles.

A brunch bag for those who would like to go out for a couple of hours and really do not need to carry that entire extra handbag. The most easy- going and something that’s casual is what Vibgyor Pune likes and approves!

A bag is an important accessory of every woman’s daily life and outfit. It needs to look stylish and feel comfortable and offer versatility. Vibgyor Pune suggests a wide range of options for those looking  to take a bag from summer to winter.

Donation drive with Vibgyor Pune Bags

Giving is an incredible feeling – especially when you can see the look on a person’s face when they open the gift you have painstakingly purchased for them. That look makes the whole experience of giving and gifting worth it. It makes you feel on top of the world because you made someone else feel on top of the world. There are few feelings that come close to it.

Vibgyor Pune Bags understands this and wants to be a part of the giving process. Valentine’s Day may be over but there is no time such as now to spread the love! To this effect Vibgyor Pune Bags has come up with a unique donation drive to spread the gratitude and the love.

All of us have bags which we have used many times but now don’t want to use them. Instead of throwing them in the garbage, Vibgyor Pune Bags invites all of you to send in your used bags to us. We will recycle and reuse the materials obtained from the bags you have sent and make them better, designer bags which we will then sell at one of our exhibitions.

All sales proceeds from this recycled line of handcrafted hand bags will go to helping the rehabilitation of street children. Vibgyor Pune Bags is also using its past season bags which haven’t been sold in this donation drive. We are really excited about this opportunity to give back to people when you, our customers, have given us so much love and support.

Many regular customers of Vibgyor Pune Bags have already sent in their bags and may we say how proud we are that you have taken this step towards making our drive successful? We have always said this and we say it again, we are where we are only because of our dear customers.

We hope to see more of you joining Vibgyor Pune Bags’ donation drive with sending us your used bags and buying the handcrafted line of recycled bags to help those in need. Together, we can!

Spring – Summer Bags Trends with Vibgyor Pune

Well 2016 is here and the first month is already over! Vibgyor Pune is back in action and we are here to bring to you the latest trends in the bag industry. Spring – summer 2016 bags are diverse, unlike what we saw previously. From eye-catching, elaborate and embellished shapes to not-so-simple classic styles; the range is both varied and different.

The colour palette this season is bright with primary colours running the roost. Think of canary yellow, rich red and cobalt blue for a standout summer statement. Size has also gone a transformation from huge to mini. Here are some of the trends that we are tripping over.

Now a mobile accessory is so much more than a cover or a trinket you can attach to your phones. Think embellished purses, boxed shaped clutches and small pockets with huge handles and trimmings. Vibgyor Pune likes and approves!

Remember Santa’s sack that he uses to lug presents around? Being touted as the ‘bucket’ bag, this style is still undergoing work and Vibgyor Pune suggests you give it a shot if you are adventurous and unorganized while stashing your things in a bag. Available in bold colours, it’s perfect for when you have to carry an assortment of things.

Bags should be for every occasion and the camera-ready bag comes with just enough space to slip in the essentials that you’d need for a quick break or a dinner party. They are called so because they come in the form of a DSLR camera. Well you may not own a DSLR but you could own a bag, no? Uber cool and chic, Vibgyor Pune recommends all you ladies to definitely give this one a crack.

So have you been through the latest trends? Which ones did you like and are eager to try? Do let us know! Until then, happy hunting from Vibgyor Pune.


The vibrant hue of Places

Pune has a rich history and was once the centre of power during the reigns of the Marathas. As a result it has a number of forts and palaces worth visiting. The beauty of the city, says Vibgyor Pune, lies in the balance it has maintained between modernity and its age-old heritage.

Shaniwarwada was a mansion built as a place of residence for the Peshwas. Apart from seeing the ruins of the palace, there is also a light and sound show in Marathi and English. For a minimal cost, you can enjoy the history of the palace with the show.

For the history fanatics, Vibgyor Pune recommends a visit to the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum. Baba Dinkar Kelkar started collecting innumerable artifacts from all the over the country; he wanted to leave behind something in remembrance of his 7 year old son. The artifacts date back to the Mughal and Maratha times. The Aga Khan Palace in Pune is a symbol of the Indian National Movement. The ashes of Mahatma Gandhi and his wife, Kasturba Gandhi, are laid to rest here. Tourists from all over come here to pay homage to their samadhis.

If you want to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city, Vibgyor Pune suggests a visit to Parvati Hill, which is about 2100 feet above the sea level. The panoramic views that the hill provides of the Pune city are beautiful and will leave the visitor spellbound. Apart from the view, there are also various temples to be seen.

Are you a Lord Shiva bhakt? Vibgyor Pune proposes you visit the Pataleshwar Caves. The caves are believed to have been cut out from a single rock. It has massive pillars which add to the grandeur of the place.

For nature lovers, you should visit the Bund Garden located on the banks of the Mula-Murth Rivers. A jogging track makes the garden a popular exercise zone. For those looking for a little adventure, there are boat rides available in the backwaters of the river.