Winter Bag trends at Vibgyor Pune

Winter has come! The most charming bags season has begun. Carrying winter bags is more than just a fad. The craze to own winter bags comes from wanting to feel cozy. Winter wear does the job but winter bags accentuate the feeling.

Leather bags are the most trending bags during winters as they exude warmth and love to the one carrying them. They look classy and niche. They revive the person’s persona by the way they are carried.

Bags have a style of their own. The person owning them should know how to treat them right. Several colours have personality associations with them. Bags of various colours should be picked by the would-be owner thoughtfully.

Black and brown leather bags are all time classic pieces that spell class and elegance. Ladies that identify with these two associations of class and elegance should pick bags in those colours.

Similarly red, pink, orange, green, blue, yellow and purple are more floral in their appearance. People with vibrant and energetic personalities should opt for colourful bags. Vibgyor Pune has loads of such options for prospective buyers where there’s no absence of many such choices.

Vibgyor Pune is the best when it comes to buying season wise bags. You should give bags a chance to heighten your personality especially in a cozy season like winter where fashion comes first in enjoying the weather to its fullest.


It’s raining bags at Vibgyor Pune!

Fashion – whether you are old or young, a man or a woman, everyone is affected by fashion. You may say you don’t care about what you wear but like Miranda Priestly says in The Devil Wears Prada, even deciding you are going to wear a shirt and pant constitutes fashion. Vibgyor Pune helps you stay on top of all your fashion needs, ensuring you are kept updated about all the latest fashion trends.

Now let’s talk about bags. Apart from their tremendous utility and decorative value, bags can fit your whole world in an easy-to-reach place; a place which can be made as efficient or as messy as possible! Vibgyor Pune understands all of this and thus, we present to you, our new Autumn-Winter collection of bags.

Vibgyor Pune does not believe in following fashion trends blindly. But we do understand the need to stay current and relevant, not only in the industry but also in the minds of our discerning customer. Thus, like always, we select the trends we love the best and translate those trends into bags so that you can stay trendy, even without having to break your bank.

One of the trends we absolutely adored was patchwork. We thought we could use this on bags with lovely outcomes. Using matching and mismatching patchworks, Vibgyor Pune presents to you its chic yet bohemian bag collection. There are understated, embellished pieces for the evenings and totes for an afternoon shopping spree. Team them with flowing skirts, or add a dash of the unconventional to that office attire. For the colour freaks, we have bold colour combinations of reds, blues and greens and for those who prefer demure; we have soft beiges, maroons and blacks.

So try out Vibgyor Pune’s latest offerings and get envious looks every time you step out!

Ask Vibgyor Pune Bags to help you choose a bag

Apart from adding oomph to your otherwise drab outfit, bags on a whole provide many utility functions to the user. For women, it is often said that they carry their entire world in their bags! Is it thus any surprise when you see the number of bags that are available in the market?! Each bag has its own unique feature and function; but how do you decide which one to buy or which one would best solve your needs? Vibgyor Pune is here to help you navigate this web.

If you need to carry a lot of things, like when you are going to office, a handbag is the best choice for you. It is roomy and big and can carry that lunchbox and umbrella! If you are travelling, or have to carry a laptop, a backpack would be better. Vibgyor Pune recommends backpacks over other laptop bags for lessening the pressure on your back.

When headed for a party, you cannot carry a handbag or a backpack, now can you? Vibgyor Pune suggests a clutch. They come in different shapes and sizes right from rectangles to hearts to clutches in the shape of lips! You get a bedazzled range or plain ones or ones in flashy, fluorescent colours. Choose what enhances your outfit the best and you are ready to party.
For a fun night with friends, Vibgyor Pune recommends sling bags or tote bags. They come in irreverent styles, colours, designs and sizes. They will add a fun, carefree element to your outfit and at the same time, will have enough space to carry the essentials.

Now that you know the functions of each, how about you buy one of each! After all, a woman cannot have enough bags, now can she?

Street Shopping with Vibgyor Pune

Don’t you just love to bargain? If bargaining makes you feel triumphant and like you have achieved something important (irrespective of how many rupees you get knocked off from the original price), you have come to the right place! Vibgyor Pune will share the best places you can visit to buy some quality and affordable clothes, bags, footwear, jewelry, etc.

If you are a college student struggling to stay on top of the latest fashion on a student’s budget, Vibgyor Pune suggests Fergusson College road for some serious, fun shopping. Without breaking your bank, you will get tons of things at affordable prices. And in case you get tired or hungry, there are numerous eateries dotting the road. You can choose from the popular chains like Barista, Subway, etc. or choose a local joint.

If you are looking for branded outlets, designer boutiques, or imported goods store and have the money to spend, Vibgyor Pune recommends M.G. Road. It is one of the more expensive shopping destinations. If you are in Pune for some time, you should go to M.G. Road on the weekends. The place turns into a no-traffic zone and all you see are shoppers with multi-colored shopping bags.

Add a twist of history to your shopping experience by visiting Laxmi Road. With the constant chatter of the crowd serving as fitting background music, this is the place to come to when you want to do impulsive tourist shopping. It is a 4 km stretch so pace yourself and give it a day at least.

A happening place with 450 (yes, that’s right) shopping alternatives; Fashion Street in Pune is a colorful piece of heaven for all shopaholics. There is a lot of room for bargaining so don’t buy from the first shop you see. Browse through a few shops before you settle on the best option.

Hong Kong lane is the best place for you to visit if junk jewelry is your thing. Dig in to find the most exquisitely carved jewelry which you can teem with your jeans or salwar kameez to add some funk to your outfit. You will also find a lot of ‘foreign’ goodies here.

Before you run away for some much needed retail therapy, don’t forget to bargain, load up on fluids and carry your shades, reminds Vibgyor Pune. Happy Shopping!